What I’ve learnt from dyeing my hair

Good evening internet friends. This post has been inspired by the hair dye currently on my head, making me want to scratch my scalp to shit.

FullSizeRender (1)

I’ve also managed to drip brown hair dye on my eyelid and having just washed it off it’s pretty much all over my face. So tomorrow I will be donning the smokey eye look and frantically Googling how I can get hair dye off of my skin after I post this.

Okay, so I’ve dyed my hair for quite a few years and have learnt so much by doing stupid shit to it. I’m a blonde at heart and although I’m ombre’d up right now, I can’t go the whole hog with brown and part with the blonde at the bottom. I did it once and it was a nightmare to get it back to my usual blonde…


This was a snap from our holiday to Tunisia a few years ago and as soon as I saw all of the pictures, I needed to be blonde again. Never again have I fully stepped to the dark side.

I’d like these posts to be insightful and give people guidance through sharing my stupidity, therefore I have put together a small list of my DIY hair dye tips;

  1. Bleach is the devil and will turn your hair into a hot cotton wool like mess if used too much.
  2. If you highlight your hair regularly using a cap, only bleach the roots of your hair and not all of the hair pulled through (this is what causes it to turn into the above point)
  3. Following on from the above point, don’t bleach all over every 3-4 weeks. Moron.
  4. When tinting/dyeing (whatever you want to call it) your hair at home, make sure you put some Vaseline all over your face to prevent your skin staining (I would have said just around your hairline earlier but that clearly didn’t stop it dripping on my eyelid)
  5. Be prepared to maintain that shit, once you dye your hair it takes a long time to grow it out if you want to be natural again
  6. You cannot lighten your hair with another tint, only bleach will lighten it (I did try)

I hope you’ve learned something today and if not, just go to the hairdressers.

DISCLAIMER: These points wouldn’t have been learnt without my best friend Maisie who has been part of my hair dyeing escapades since the age of 16, much love Mai.

Until next time…

Gaby xxx

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